We all play a role in the what comes next.

It's 2017, we were all on a front porch in South Fl. We were having our regular conversations about current events and discussing our thoughts on them. We were noticing a trend, and it was taking over everyday life. This trend was “HATRED”, We saw this division evolve from fear into disagreements, and then into hate, finally into the shutting down of communication all together. Because of the exhaustive nature of hate we saw it take the new form of casual brutality. It had become more and more apparent that someone needed to stand up and create a better way forward. We need to move forward together as a country, because if you're not going anywhere, I'm not going anywhere. We all must learn from the past, and know we will all can do better the next time, if we just try. We all have a role to play in the future, this is mine. The only cure for hatred is forgivness. Example, if everything is hateful or evil, then nothing can be. #DBH

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