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We’ve now made it quick and convenient you to get all the most up to-date information we have to offer. In these posts we’ll share our ideas and goals with you. You should never have to guess what we are doing and why. We will continue to earn your trust and respect through consistency, consistency, and true transparency. - DBH

The Herald of the Hardened Heart

Ultimately our mission is to improve our world as we know it. We will do this through our message dubbed "The Herald of the Hardened Heart." It's meaning "Don't Be Hating."

Hate is a learned emotion; for that fact alone, Hate can be unlearned. If hate is your choice, then love is our answer. We can completely change the world in a positive way by softening our hearts, even if it is just a little. If we all make an effort we will be able to watch the transformation to unification right before our eyes. Not every step will be easy, but we keep our heads held high. Always speaking and seeking the truth, we will reach our destination together. Thank you for checking us out. We are the Don't Be Hating Family!

Please join us in promoting the recognition and realization of personal responsibility.

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