Guidelines for Conduct

Below is a list of guidelines that have proven to be of great benefit to me personally. I have re-written some, in my own words, but I am only a Parrot for those much wiser than I. Not all have been tested but they still hold value and deserve to be mentioned.

Keep your yard and doorway clean.

Lock your doors and windows when you go to bed.

You can choose to do these tasks on your own.

Render assistance to people,

whether you know them or not.

Give a little bit of help to the needy

as often as you can.

It is better to help oneself

rather than ask other for help.

It is better to do something by yourself

rather give orders for someone else to do it.

If you wish to do a thing properly,

inquire from at least three older,

experienced wiser ones.

Trying to save something that is which is already in trouble is like riding a horse toward a cliff.

Do not use a whip it will only hasten your demise.

If you want to manage your success,

don’t rest your oars while rowing upriver.

Be yourself at all times.

Don’t be jealous of or complain about other people.

You can admire those who are more successful than yourself.

But don’t be discouraged by your lack of distinction

you can achieve the same result by working diligently at your own speed.

It is alright to avoid powerful people,

but don’t insult them.

Never express jealously towards them.

If a wise individual has a thousand ideas,

one of them will be wrong.

If a fool has a thousand ideas,

one of them will make sense.

Do not be overly confident

regarding your own intelligence.

Do not be a thief,

even if you are starving.

Don’t not start litigation,

even if you are very angry.

Do not hesitate to cut yourself off

from harmful situations and associates.

If you hesitate,

you will only cause trouble for yourself.

If you offend someone unintentionally,

offer an explanation and an apology.

If you are offended by someone’s unreasonable behavior,

forgive them anyway.

The dragon that lives in a shallow pond

may not be as free as the small shrimp.

A lion appearing on farmland

can be chased off by the village dogs.

A powerful individual must learn to properly control

and direct their energy.

You can politely decline to attend a party.

If you go to the party,

rather than prolong the festivities,

leave at a reasonably hour.

It is easy to become vain when you are rich.

It is hard not to complain when you are poor. The wise one is not vain when rich

and does not complain when poor.

One who is willing to seek advice stands to achieve more.

One who refuses to listen to wise suggestions achieves less.

Adopt a firm attitude towards those of questionable character.

If you are disliked or hated, you made need to become softer and kinder.

Do not disrespect those who fail to achieve their goals.

Encourage those who set worthwhile goals and diligently work towards achieving them.

It is better to take little than to take much at one time

It is better to decrease unimportant expenses than indiscriminately seek money to support your lifestyle.

Do not rush into litigation;

it creates more trouble

Do not expect justice.

If you have done everything well the last detail still needs your attention.

Always be thorough in your dealings from beginning to end.

If everyone is pleased, there is still someone who will find a reason to be angry.

Develop the correct principles and abide by them.

Do not overly value money kindness and righteousness are a necessary part of life.

Be concerned about going against the subtle law.

Do not consciously go against the universal subtle law.

Undertake actions and decisions that will untie people.

Your words and deeds should be an example to your own children and relatives.

When you are young and strong, be considerate towards those are old and week.

When you become rich and important, be sympathetic to the poor and the needy.

If you compete for the small,

you will lose the big.

Knowing when enough is enough helps you to avoid failure.

Knowing the right time to quit is not a disgrace.

Your home may not be luxurious but keep it tidy.

You may be from a poor family but keep your face and hair clean and neat.

Although your finances may be limited, you bring dignity to yourself by keeping clean.

Do not always look for a bargain; you may be buying trouble.

Do not hire an undisciplined hand.

Rather than repay you, one might take advantage of your kindness.

In the end you may make an enemy.

Whatever walk of life you are in, whether it is agriculture, industry, commerce, politics, or religion, respect the humanistic foundation of life.

No matter how successful of how idealistic you become respect your life and the lives of other people.

Honor your parents and siblings.

Retreat when you are being overly compensated. Stop doing things that bring you too much pleasure.

Do not wait for someone to yell at you.

Do not turn love into resentment.

When there is danger in your path, it may be time to alter your route.

If you meet difficulties don’t consider quitting.

The one who respects oneself becomes stronger each day.

The one who indulges oneself becomes weaker each day.

If you procrastinate on a fine day you will have to make it up on a rainy day.

If people don’t plan for the future, they will be unprepared for upcoming problems.

It is best to make a living or accomplish goals through honest means.

Living crookedly will hasten your downfall.

Prepare for rainy days when the weather is fine.

Do not wait until you are thirsty

to dig a well.

When you are poor do not expect help from others.

When you are sick see an experienced healer.

Share your family’s joy and wealth with others.

Don’t be stingy.

When you do a good deed do not keep thinking about it.

When you receive help remember those who helped you.

If you are cruel, your enjoyment will be short-lived.

If you do not respect the order of family or society your life will soon end.

When you notice good people, don’t flatter yourself with comparison.

When you see bad people don’t join them.

If you get up early, you have time to do things well.

If you get up late you must rush and cannot do thing properly.

Even if the world is fraught with danger, you should remain calm and balanced in mind.

Virtue is the root of all your actions and should be planted deeply and firmly.

Then, your life will be naturally fulfilled.

Value your teacher and love the world.

Be at peace with all people.

Be close to those who are upright in nature.

Do not do something if you know it is wrong.

Follow a decant and reasonable path.

If you know yourself, you can know all people.

If you are unsure of the best way to deal with others, look into your own heart.

By blaming others, one blames oneself.

By loving others, one loves oneself.

People love new things, yet it is always wise to be prudent.

The moment that you consider something to be unimportant is the moment less or mistakes occur.

Accept it when people are ungrateful to you, but never be heartless to others who have treated you well.

Do you know how to do yourself a favor?

Doing things on your own, without expecting help from others.

Be reasonable about the circumstances in which you find yourself.

Do not drown yourself in a sea of greed and self-indulgence.

It is wasteful to chase after social fashions.

Instead, stick to things of time-tested value.

Guard against vulgar influences.

Hold firm to the natural principles of being honest and sincere, for they will never let you down.

Unattended possessions attract thieves.

Beautiful make-up inspirers improper advances.

Improper dressing encourages one to be sexy and erotic.

Don’t damage public property for personal convenience.

Don’t utilize public opportunity to release your personal emotion.

Don’t make yourself look good by pointing out the shortcomings of others.

Don’t be jealous of other people’s achievements or capabilities.

Don’t use your power to bully the lonely and the helpless.

Don’t kill birds or animals to satisfy your pallet.

Don’t use a position of power to suppress other people; when you are weak, they might suppress you.

Don’t say you are the earliest riser. There is always someone who rises earlier than you. Do not be vain about your small achievements.

Never do anything that your conscience objects to; then if someone knocks on your door in the middle of the night, you need not panic.

People who plug up their ears and think no one hears them stealing the bells they are only fooling themselves.

One individual with the determination to achieve a large task will not give in when facing a thousand chariots.

The individual who is greedy will argue over one small penny.

Keep your mind clear by not burdening yourself with wrongdoing.

In this way you will bring enjoyment to your descendants.

If you are not conceited people cannot compete with you.

If you brag about your greatness people will disrespect you.

Be clear-minded, but do not judge others.

Be honest, but do not correct others.

Be kind, but do not let others take advantage of your good nature.

Be pure, but tolerate the faults of others.

It is alright to go out and enjoy yourself with people, but don’t exhaust yourself.

Do not demand that another person be absolutely loyal to you.

Do not use your talents to bolster your ego.

Do not rely on luck, but hard work and live within your means.

Self-discipline applies to yourself.

Do not impose your standards on others.

Self-discipline serves to raise your own standard of living.

Do not act in secret, for your projects may harm others.

Do things in a calm and orderly fashion.

Treat the world with compassion.

Do not hold on to spoiled good or ides.

Heroes follow dangerous paths.

The wise one takes the safe road.

Do not meddle in the lives of others.

Do not spend all day on the street if you have no business there.

Do not exhibit a false personality in order to feel different or superior to others.

You will only invite scandal because no one will respect you.

If your plan needs to be caried out in secrete, perhaps it is better not to do it.

If you have spare time, sit down quietly, and think where you may have gone wrong, and make a correction.

Choose to live in a neighborhood when it is safe for children walk to play.

Do not plant thorny bushes on the side of the road. They will catch on the cloths of a passerby.

Do not create problems for some people as it will all come back to you.

To learn the morel law but not use it as you go about your daily life is like to act like a beast in human cloths.

If the water is to clean, fish cannot live in it.

If one is too meticulous, it is difficult for others to be around them.

In a melon field, do not bend down to tie your shoelace.

Under the fruit-laden plum tree do not try to fix your hat.

Do not act in ways that cause suspicion or mistrust.

Provide a good education for your children.

Plant tree for everyone’s benefit.

During the good times do not be too proud.

During the difficult times, remain calm. When you are old, be strong.

When you are poor, be firm.

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