Don't Be Hating

"Don't Be Hating" was started back in 2017 and we have been working day in and out to get the message out not knowing we were creating a movement that would be as important as it is today. We are to be the voice of reason in an unreasonable situation.

To define what it means, knowing that it would have a different meaning for different individuals from all backgrounds. We have done our best to keep this message simple. We believe that no what you look like or where you come from, it is all about coming together for the same goal. It is about healing, it is about love, logic, and reason, it is about forgiveness. No one is perfect and we all can do better, but most importantly it is about taking a stand for something you believe in. I know this, and if we try to do so, in this moment here and now, the time is now to take a stand and lead by example. Showing hate will create more hate, showing kindness will create more kindness. The one simple truth in all of this is that hate is an emotion, it is learned. For that fact alone it can be unlearned. #dbh

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